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I know my exact drates
I don't know my Exact Dates, but know approximately when I want to arrive and how long I want to stay

Enter desired length of stay in weeks and/or days:

How to use:

Click on “Check-in” or “Check-out” fields to pop-up calendars. Then, 

  • click the “>” and “<” on the calendars to display desired month(s), then
  • click on the check-in and -out dates.
  • If unsure of exact dates, click “I don’t know my exact dates…” then
    • select a range from the calendars (earliest check-in and latest check-out), and also
    • enter weeks and/or days of desired stay.
  • After selecting dates, select other criteria (if desired) then
  • click “Search Availability” to find which condos have availability.

At the completion of a search, click “Edit Search” to change the criteria of the search.

To view condo details and booking: click on available unit numbers in green on the map.

Note that all Kuhio Shores condos are independently owned and managed.  For the best rate, contact the owner directly (you’ll see an owner contact button on the page that describes the condo… that you get to by clicking the condo number on the map).

Click here to see the detailed site plan.

  • Note the relative sizes in the map of available condos may not be accurate. Single bedroom condos are approximately between 732 and 854 sq. ft. Two bedroom condos are approximately between 953 and 1,091 sq. ft.  Ask the owner for specific comparisons.
  • All condos lanai’s face the ocean.
  • In general, x01-x09 face east, while x09-x19 face south, where “x” is the floor number (100’s are the ground floor, 2-400’s are the 2nd through 4th floors).
  • The exceptions are on the fourth floor, where 408 is the southeast facing corner (as 407 and 408, with an extra bedroom each, are atop 307, 308, 309), making 418 the southwest facing corner.